• Cook & Create in schools

     Cook & Create is an unrivalled approach to teaching KS2 and KS3 children key life skills, and empowering and nurturing enterprise and entrepreneurship skills and understanding. We do this in the most innovative way – through healthy eating, resulting in a programme with multi benefits for children. Teachers also benefit, including continuous professional development.  Delivered through fun sessions, the programme ensures maximum engagement, with a profound and positive impact. By participating in Cook & Create children develop positive, confident mindsets and aspire to achieving future dreams and goals.

  • Working with schools

    We work closely with teachers to provide a unique mix of classroom sessions for Cook & Create, with visits to businesses which value the importance of giving children the opportunity to experience ‘behind the scenes’.  Children are taken on a fun journey, designed to help prepare them for life outside of education. Cook & Create’s healthy eating element is unlike any other programme. We teach children about real foods and all food activities use real, nourishing foods. Cook & Create gives children a window into various business settings through our partnerships with outstanding businesses.

  • Working with business

    The entrepreneurial and enterprise element of Cook & Create has been designed to help children build their knowledge and skills of the outside world.  We work with business leaders and innovators who value the importance of offering children these experiences, at an early age during primary education. These much-valued partnerships offer businesses an opportunity to demonstrate a very valuable and life changing approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. We carefully select and screen all businesses we work with, to ensure they share the same views when it comes to inspiring children.  

  • Working with families

    The Cook & Create programme provides an opportunity for parents to support their children’s learning at school and use the knowledge which children gain on the programme to make real life changes in their home life.  Children who have participated in Cook & Create are often found to be influencing parents in a positive way around food choices.

    Parents are also able to sample and experience some of the delicious dishes which children make in class.

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 Cook & Create 

Cook & Create, is a six week programme specially devised for primary schools, created so that children increase their understanding about – 

  • Food
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Food labels
  • Food production
  • Growing your own
  • Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship

Specially designed sessions cover all these subjects in a fun and engaging way, using a kinaesthetic approach to learning.

Children are questioned about their knowledge on where everyday food comes from. They take part in cooking sessions, learn how to create healthy, nutritious meals and vital life skills.

Children are encouraged to look at food items and think about what goes into making them, and the health benefits. They are taught about the difference between processed and unprocessed foods and about healthier natural unprocessed sweeteners.

Children are also taught how to read food labels and encouraged to look at food labels when shopping.

The program also includes the basics about how the food production industry works, from concept through to the shop floor. Children learn about all the different steps involved in producing a food item. Areas covered include nutritional values, sustainability and carbon impact, packaging, marketing, unique selling points, branding, logo, launching a product, and pricing.

Children make their own paper plant pots and sow seeds to take home and grow with their families. They are also taught that ‘growing your own’ allows you to eat fresh seasonal produce.

The importance of looking after our planet and the impact food production also features in the program. Children are taught the importance of sustainability when designing their own food product.

Entrepreneurial skills are encouraged through the ‘Create a food product’ element of the program.

Children are encouraged to build on their confidence and empowered to understand that, with the correct mind-set, personal goals can be achieved.

Cook & Create has a profound positive impact on all the children who go through the program.

At the end of six weeks children have a much better knowledge about food and healthy eating, which will enable them to make informed decisions about what they feed their bodies. They also develop an understanding of how the world of food production works.

The entrepreneurial element of the program is intended to help children build on their confidence and create a sense of achievement and knowledge that with the correct mind-set your goals are achievable.

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  • “The whole project inspired the children to learn all about healthy eating, life cycles and the potential of investment. In addition to this fantastic experience, the parents of the children were wowed as the project made the local newspaper and even appeared on the local television news broadcast”

Timothy Bosworth Assistant Head – Woodstock Primary School Leicester

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